The Breakdown of Bridal Makeup Costs Being a Freelance Artist

With wedding season slowing down and wedding shows coming up with prospective brides and bridal parties looking to book, this may answer questions that may come up as you are browsing for a makeup artist.

First, make sure your makeup artist is professional and certified. This means that your makeup artist has invested time and money to deliver the best service to their clients. This ensures your makeup artist is using the proper hygiene tools and techniques with every face. The last thing anyone needs is an eye infection due to dirty makeup or brushes. Gross.

Contracts! These are very important. Be very sceptical if you are approaching to book someone and they do not have anything in writing securing your date. The contract is not only binding to secure your day but it secures all the details and location of your event. Most makeup artists do require a percentage of the total booking for deposit. If a makeup artist is going to commit to a client, this ensures a commitment in return from the client.

Price. There are many factors in pricing with makeup services. Sure, you can opt for a cheaper artist. Be careful. It is true you are going to get what you pay for. Chances are they are not going to arrive with high quality, highly photographic makeup. The cost of disposable supplies alone is high. If they do not have disposable wands for mascara or cleaner for their brushes between faces that would be a definite indicator of what kind of artist you are hiring. Your artist should be a legit business. I carry business insurance for myself and my client. I have advertising, taxes and many other aspects that are part of running my business. I am very focussed and I want all my clients to feel great when they leave my chair.

A professional makeup artist will spend hours on perfecting technique and building a killer makeup kit that is going to wow your guests. Lets face it, you spend all that money on a venue, your dress or yes some have stepped out in Louboutin shoes. You are really going to cut the budget on your face or hair?

Speaking from a personal level and how much I prep for the bride and bridal parties. I have my makeup bible where I write everything from makeup combinations to what my client has mentioned to me at the trial appointment and everything we used at the trial. The entire point of the trial is getting to know my client’s likes and dislikes. There have been times where the entire makeup look was altered from the trial. That’s ok. That is the entire point of the trial. It is discovery and getting it perfect.

I carry two cases with me the day of which I spend up to an hour the night before packing. I go over my list and make sure I am packing everything! I am not that person who goes out the night before the event to show up disheveled and unplanned. That is not me. I take pride in my name and my business. I am being hired on one of the most important days of my client’s life. I give my clients 100% because I would expect that on my own very special day. It takes me time to set up and to get organized. I get started right away and I do not take a break until my job is done. At times I am standing with awkward movements for over 6 hours. It is part of getting my clients out the door on time.

My products, my techniques and skills are always evolving. You will never know everything there is know because every client is different. You may have ideas for your client. The best you can do is listen to your client. If there is a certain way they are used to looking you should most definitely be adapting that in to your finished look.

Keep it classic. That is one my most important theories that I stick with for any event like a wedding. Trends are great for special nights out and date nights but when it comes to a wedding stick with classic. I want my bride and bridal party to look at photos in 10 years and still feel they are beautiful. Not taken back by their over smokey eye or theatrical brows.

A freelance artist is providing a luxury service directly to you. No one has to leave or worry about being late to an appointment. As professional artists we take this very serious. We have expensive products, sanitary procedures and insurance. It takes an extreme amount of planning to get everything organized to leave the comfort of our studio. We have no idea what we are walking in to. At times it is a guessing game where we are going. We question light, cleanliness and hope everyone is at the destination.

I am very thankful for all my clients. Without my clients I would not be a makeup artist. Being in this business you develop an extra appreciation for those in beauty industries or any service industry for that matter. We are professionals and we care about our clients. We care about delivering the best end product to every single face we touch. We are forever learning and keeping current with new products that are going to enhance to our beautiful clients.

Happy Makeuping!