Four Eye Brushes are ALL You Need

I am guessing you have the same questions as I did when I was first starting out. What brushes do I buy? Don’t get me wrong, I am a moth to a flame when it comes to makeup brushes. I have no idea what it is but I need to have them and try them all. I dare not count how many I have and the investment but that is exactly what they are to me. They are an investment. They are my tools. They help me to deliver a professional job and for that I need the proper tools. With your investment rest assured they will last you as long as you take care of them. I still have my very first brush I purchased many years ago aMac 217 Brushnd I still use it today. These four brushes in my opinion are all you need to get you started and well on your way to applying bomb eye makMac 224eup. First, my favourite and you can literally use this brush for your entire face is the Mac 217. This was my first brush. I love this brush because it picks up product excellent no matter what texture it is. You can use this brush in the crease to lightly wash colour or turn the brush to add a more defined look. The second brush is the Mac 224. I can’t live without this brush. With product it delivers the best defused wash or simply use it without product to buff out any harsh edges. The third brush is the Mac 239.Mac 239 This brush is flat and i tend to use this on the lid. I spray the brush with a bit of Mac Fix Plus and the colour payoff is second to none. The fourth brush is the Mac Mac 219219 This brush can be other wise known as the pencil brush. It looks and acts exactly as that, a pencil. This brush is perfect for the bottom lash line and getting in super sharp with the shadow for lining. This brush can be used to apply concentrated colour onto the lid. These four brushes can create any eye look whether natural or the ever famous smokey eye. Skip the cheap brushes because these will pay off in the long run. You will be thankful that you have great brushes that will last you for years.