Roller What?!?!?

They get me every single time! Who you ask? The marketing teams with all the catchy new makeup emails, that’s who!

Like a moth to a flame. I swear, just when i say to myself, “Self we have enough makeup. We can chill and stick with what makeup we have.”

Hahaha yea ok, I didn’t even believe it either when I rehearsed it in my head.

The clincher that had me at notification? Mac and this Rollerwheel Eyeliner!

Say what? What is it doing? If you saw the email, a little tiny wheel with such grace and precision could literally get you the sharpest wing ever!!!

I had to have it! Searching online like I have never had eyeliner before, I log in. I am on and SNAP! The black is sold out. Seriously! This calls for a road trip.

It was a win win situation. My daughter ‘needed’ to look for last minute for last minute school things, so off to Masonville Place in London we went.

Inside the mall, I made my way to the Mac Store. Smiling and on a mission I see the display. Ohhhhhhh it is something magical.

The lovely Mac Artist smiled and said did you want to see it? Yes yes I do! She also told me it is that this circular unicorn is referred to as the Pizza Cutter. Yep, I can see why.

Whoa! Crazy!!!! This little tiny wheel comes out of this liquid liner bottle. There it is, the perfect amount of liner. No clumps, no drips, just perfect. SOLD!

As soon as I got home I was so excited to try this. If you want the perfect liner, I am telling you, this is your friend.

The line is exactly that. Perfect. You can control the thickness of the line. Just trace the area where you want it to go and thats it. No extra tools required. Everything you need is there.

The liner does come in different shades and finishes. I do have to say I really enjoy the liner. It takes a little bit to get used to if you typically use a brush and liner combo. Once you get the hang of it, you will love it!

Thank you Mac, I heart the Rollerwheel.

Happy Makeuping 🙂

Mac Roller Wheel