My Perfect Makeup Travel Cases

HI! So I am sure you all have had the same questions that I have had. What do I use to pack all my stuff in? After doing a shiz ton of research and trial and error to boot I found what works for me when I am freelancing.

Burton Makeup Travel BagMy Burton Bag. Number one it is sooo cute! They have such a great selection of patterns and colours. I came across makeup artists who had the same issues as I did, what can they pack their airbrush compressor and hose and everything else without it getting destroyed along with not destroying your back. The answer was the Burton Bag. My love for this bag was instant. The zippers are smooth like butta and all the different compartments with the mesh so handy. True test….I put my Temptu Compressor in the bottom and it fit perfectly! Another plus is how durable this bag really is. You can put all your precious makeup and tools in this bag and not worry about them being bounced around. The wheels are something special. In true Burton fashion they are skateboard wheels and glide like nobodies business! The nice thing is you can use this bag for all your travel needs whether for work or travel and the quality is 100% greatness!

My Mac Bag. This bag was my first love. My husband was so sweet coming back from a trip, he went in to the Mac Pro store and asked the employee for help. He said I need something for my wife she is starting school and she needs a bag and he came home with this. Aw as soon as I saw it I said are you kidding! I shot up like ligMac Makeup Travel Baghtening and unzipped it to see inside. I love this bag because in true Mac form they have thought of everything. The zippers are heavy duty and then it has an adjustable shoulder strap to fit anyone. Inside they have one side with velcro plastic pouches and middle divider and the other side is mesh pockets. Not to mention holy this hold a lot! You can safely travel without your liquids leaking, glass breaking and your pressure powders stay say and snug. On the backside of this bag there is sleeve so to speak that you can slide your roller bag handle through and this bags will sit on top. Clever when you are trying to roll through hotel lobbies and homes and all with carrying a chair if you are like me. Genius!

Last but not least, I do not have this yet but it is on my wish list. The Zuca backpack. Holy someone was full of smarticles when they thought of this. I did originally try the Mac Zuca Bag but it did not work for me carrying my compressor or else I would have kept it. How awesome is the backpack?
Especially if you have a smaller wedding party you can throw the pack on and away you go! Ok, yes I tend to over pack but there is always that what if in the back of my head. What if they want this, what if I need this. Better to over pack then to be on site without what you need!

I hope this was helpful for you fellow makeup artists. Finding the perfect carryall for your gear can be a struggle. These bags have worked for all my stuff and travel so easily. If you have any questions please leave them below!

Happy Makeuping 🙂