KKW Beauty Cream Contour Kit

I wanted to review this honestly. I first saw the KKW Beauty Contour Kits dropped on Instagram. They sold out literally in seconds it felt like and I missed my chance to score one. I am a fan of Kim. She has built an empire and she is stunning!

I am constantly reading beauty blogs, makeup reviews and while I do take all opinions in, I like to try out things for myself. I know what will work for me and my clients.

I went to Mario Dedivanovic’s Master Class in Toronto in July. I LOVE Mario. I have followed his work for years and I am such a fan of his work. Seeing him in person and his interaction with people made me like him even more.

Mario was applying makeup on his beautiful model Alexa Jones demonstrating his trademark contour and he was using Kim’s Contour Collection. I know Kim and Mario are tight but if he is loving on a product it has to be good right?

The Contour Kits are in Light, Medium and Dark. You get a cream stick which has a light and darker contour shade. Another stick with a concealer and high lighter and an amazing brush with one end being a sponge. The contour stick is lovely and light. It works great on all skin types without being heavy and cakey.

Finally when the kits were back in stock, I purchased a light and a medium kit. There were mixed reviews of people saying how quickly they went through the product. They did not think it was worth the money.

My take on the kits they are very easy to work with especially if you are beginner to contouring with cream. Flawlessly blends in to the skin, natural appearance and whoohoo it did not make me break out. Kim created these kits for quick easy application. I find the kits perfect for travel personally and in my freelance makeup kit.

Bottom line, wonderful product. Light weight, blendable and easy to use. Two thumbs up Mario and Kim! I cannot wait to get my hands on the Powder Contour Kits which launch August 22 2017!

Happy Makeuping!

KKW Beauty