How to Stop Concealer Cracking

Your face is covered in foundation and now you are moving on to concealer.Reason for concealer? Its in the name, to conceal. If you have any type of darkness under your eyes, dark spots or even blemishes we opt to colour correct or conceal. The concealer is at a thicker consistency than typical foundation. Unless you have very problematic skin that needs a full coverage you may not notice that your concealer is thicker. When choosing your concealer you want to select a light shade for your skin tone that will brighten those under eyes and this makes your face bright and Tarte Shape Tape - Concealer Cracking Blogawake. A concealer that works great for my skin is Tarte Shop Tape. Now, we all have had this happen. Your face is flawless and it is looking great. You have your face done and your eyes and you are on your way. When you check the mirror again, you do a double take and WTH! Why do my under eyes look like a drought in Australia?!?!?! Secret? You NEED to set it. Not set with just any powder but with something very fine and translucent. You also have to find the right kind of concealer to work with your skin. The trick is to work quickly. Put your concealer on with a small brush or the applicator in the tube. Apply this under your eyes in a triangle and along the nose and Beauty Blender- Concealer Cracking Blogforehead. You can apply some to the edges of your mouth and dot in the centre of your chin. Buff your concealer out with a small brush or a damp beauty blender. When you are buffing out your concealer, work in small patting motions not sweeping motions. When you sweep your concealer, you are going to remove the layer of foundation you have underneath. Doing this step you want to work quickly. Concealer dries quickly, at least I find it does on me. Now that you have everything the way you want it, you MUST set it. ULaura Mercier - Concealer Cracking Blogsing the same beauty blender, pick up some of the translucent powder and begin to pack it under the eye and anywhere else that you may have put concealer. This is setting your concealer or baking. Leave the powder on these areas for approximately five minutes. Your body heat will heat the products and lock everything in to place. This step greatly decreases the chance of cracking. After five minutes take a fluffy brush and dust off the powdered areas. This will give you a bright eyed and youthful glow with out looking like the Sahara Desert.

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Happy Makeuping! 🙂