Finally! I Found my Makeup Travel Chair!

If you are a freelance makeup artist starting out or have a years under your belt you possibly are or were in the same boat as me asking why can’t I find a chair that works? Being vertically challenged I needed a chair that I could easily cart around with all the bags and get it done in one trip without looking like a clumsy mess trying to swim my way through a sea of cars in a parking lot or a busy lobby at a hotel. There were times when I would make it in to the elevator and think ok I hope no one can see me and how am I going to get all this out of here and still appear like I got this. I would carry an adjustable bar stool with me that was not very heavy, padded seat and i could move it up and down. It was all good until I had to load it in my car. Finally I had it. I needed a better way! So where do we go to answer all our questions? The ever so smart internet of course.

After searching over and over and trying to read any piece of information from anyone that would help everyone kept mentioning directors chairs. Directors chairs have a lot of good points. They are super cool, light, fold up and you can manoeuvre in and out pretty easily out of situation. Downfall you ask? They are flimsy. I kept reading people stating that the wood cracks, the foot part breaks off and with the seat not being very big not all clients can fit in the seat. The last thing you want to do is make a client feel like they are going to break a chair and fall on the floor. Being Canadian, I also had to pay attention to the sites where products were coming from. The exchange and duty fees sometimes are more than the actual chair. In last ditch effort I searched makeup or director chair on Low and behold I found my chair. Browning Camping Directors Chair XT. Yea it is lacking in cuteness, it is not black but this thing is awesome. It has an aluminium frame so it is light. It has an extra wide seat, padded arm rests and holds over 300 pounds! Bottom line this chair is going to do the trick for any client and it is super comfortable. When I first brought it with me I was a little unsure if my clients were going to find it comfy and holy they loved it! Even better it is available on Amazon and it shipped free in 2 days!  If you are looking for a chair for your makeup travels or even to set up in your own studio this is the one. Plus you can use it for camping! (not that I camp but the idea of it sounds good haha)

I hope this helps anyone questioning what kind of freelance chair to buy.

Happy Makeuping! 🙂