What is the cost of a freelance makeup artist?

Firstly I am certified. I have invested many hours and dollars in order to deliver the best service to my clients. I use proper hygiene and infection control practices to keep my clients healthy. My extensive makeup kit is very clean and very high quality luxury makeup. There is a cost associated with disposables. Never let anyone use non disposable mascara wands on you ever! I supply containers and lip brushes for touch up lipstick. I supply high quality lashes to my clients without additional cost. Some artists charge less per face however they charge for lashes. I am a registered business and I am fully insured. I spend on advertising materials and business materials. Being freelance with my business insurance, I also have to consider my transportation expenses and I am very reliable. I am constantly studying way to improve my skills and buying new products so I can deliver the luxury experience to my clients. Prepping for a wedding takes me a number of hours. I go through everything in my kit. I review my notes from the bridal trial meeting. My supplies are packed the night before so I do not rush the day of the wedding or special event that I am being hired for. Being a freelance artist, we stand for hours not taking a break and making sure clients are very happy and feel they are gorgeous before they leave my chair. I am very thankful for every client that has booked with me. I take my business and my clients very serious.

I am a bride do I need to book a trial?

Yes, a makeup trial application is a must for brides. I have bridal makeup packages that include a trial session. This gives us the opportunity to achieve the look that you want for your wedding day. Trial includes makeup application and false lashes. The trial allows us to adjust or add anything to your makeup look so it is perfect for your wedding day.

When do I book a trial?

The trial date is totally up to the bride. Brides can book the trial for engagement photos or on the day of the bridal shower or bachelorette party. I do require that a trial be booked no later than two weeks before the wedding at my studio.

 How long will an application take?

For regular makeup application we plan for approximately 40 minutes per face. For the bride it is an hour.

What is the difference between traditional and airbrush makeup?

Traditional makeup is a liquid HD foundation. It does last throughout the day and photographs beautifully. Airbrush makeup is sprayed on the skin in a very fine mist. Once the makeup dries, skin looks flawless and is sweat proof.

Can you provide makeup for a wedding party?


 What time do you need to start?

We need to allow enough time per person and therefore we must start early to guarantee everyone is ready for the set timeline. Regardless of starting early, your makeup will last all day.

 What kind of products do you use?

I use high quality high definition products, which means the makeup will photograph beautifully without looking too cakey and no flash back. The airbrush foundation leaves a smooth delicate finish and look you flawless. Some of the brands I use are Mac, Laura Mercier, Benefit, Tarte, Stilla, Makeup Forever, Nars.

Will you travel?

Yes I am a freelance artist. I book clients at Loft House Studio and I am available to travel. I travel to locations for makeup services for parties of 4 people or more. Parties less than 4 people I can book at Loft House Studio. No charge for travel fees within the city of Chatham, ON. Locations within Chatham Kent, ON $30. Locations outside of Chatham Kent please inquire.

How do I secure you for my wedding date?

If you decide you would like to book with me, I email a makeup agreement. Once the agreement is completed and signed along with a 50% deposit of the full amount, your wedding date is booked. Balance of services due the week of the event date.

Are you certified and what are the hygiene practices you use with clients?

Yes I am a certified makeup artist out of London, Ontario. For hygiene not only for my clients but for me, I use disposable wands and my brushes are cleaned between each client.